Tori's Tales

Dear you, 

It has been a while, hasn't it? Thank you for stopping by after all this time has passed (it feels like forever to me) - your want to find out what is going on is greatly appreciated, and I'm sending warm thoughts full of love your way as a thank you for your support. 

This page is here to let you know I'll BE BACK SOON. And that's a promise, friend, because: 

1) I miss communicating with you 

2) My fingers are itching to type up the thoughts that have been consistently whirring around my (very busy, constantly active) mind

3) This community is where I belong, and I do so want to find myself a part of it again

4) I need a place to escape to as life, right now, is full of peaks and troughs, and I can't quite figure out a way to ride them smoothly without doing so via words 

I am here if you fancy a chat - drop me a line via the little envelope, or send me a tweet via the flying bird...I'm waiting to say hello!