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Tori's Tales




Nothing like a headstone - recessed in the wall of a beautiful, dainty, and close-to-my-heart church - to get you thinking about time. 

About how fast it goes.  

How it flies when one is having fun, or how much it slows down when one most definitely isn't.

How there often isn't enough of it and that (as a result) we have to make the most of it. 

And just how important it is to do so. 

Giveaway // Win a Canon Rebel T3i Camera


hello awesome poster made by the super-talented Latrina! 

hello awesome poster made by the super-talented Latrina! 

There are many rewards that come with blogging - being part of a supportive, creative, inspirational community is one, and getting the chance to pair up with those in the community is another (check out my guest post on Emily's A Lively Blend - I'm still so grateful I was able to share my story!). Of course, one of the biggest rewards is being able to give back to those who spend time visiting my blog, and reading (and supporting) my words, and I'm so happy to be able to say today is one of those such days! 

an exciting giveaway! 

A little while back I was contacted by my fabulous friend Latrina, from of trees and hues, about a giveaway she had planned to host in celebration of her birthday month of April (yes, this beautiful lady just turned 29 - hello good genes! You can read all about her, fabulous, day here. Be sure to send her birthday wishes!) and wondered if I'd like to be involved. Of course, I couldn't say anything but yes - not only, in doing so, would it mean I'd have the chance to team up with her and her inspirational space (because you all should know by now I love me some of trees and hues), but also because I'd be able to share it with this AMAZINGLY TALENTED bunch below (be sure to click through and visit each of their spaces - you won't be disappointed!) AND I'd get to offer my readers the chance to win a camera!! And not just any old camera, but a Canon Rebel T3i!! Can I get an 'oooooooooo'?! And can I get an 'ahhhhhhhh'?! Exciting stuff! 

If you fancy the chance of winning said prize (and who wouldn't?!) then enter via rafflecopter below.

The giveaway runs until 11:59 PM PST on Tuesday, 6th May. All terms and conditions can be found within the widget. Once over, Latrina will select a winner and contact them for further details. 

Oh, and the giveaway is open to INTERNATIONAL readers, so you ALL have the opportunity to win this bloomin' marvellous prize!!

good luck!

Guest post for A Lively Blend's Globe Trot series


A Sound of Music shot I couldn't resist! 

A Sound of Music shot I couldn't resist! 


It's been a while since I last got out and about so I've recently been yearning (more than ever, in fact!) for some time away. However, being one of those student people you hear about, I haven't had the chance to skip town and head to the hills of late (well, try since last September, to the hills of the Peak District). As a result, reminiscing about past travels is normally what I stick to doing (cuppa firmly in hand, photos up on screen) so the offer from Emily - of A Lively Blend - to guest post for her 'Globe Trot' series couldn't have come at a better time. 

I am a huge lover of reading all-things-travel-related, so Emily's gorgeous series more than satiates my (rather large) appetite for wanderlust-ing. Not only that, but I adore Emily's site, so am more than grateful to feature on it, alongside her 'Little Snippets', tales of change, thoughts on travelling, and wonderfully-told personal posts, all showing off her beautiful imagery (which you can see more of on her portfolio). And, as if that wasn't enough, Emily also recently opened a shop - alivelyblend - stocking simple, natural jewellery, all beautifully hand-crafted (it's enough to make a girl weep, she's just that darn-tooting talented)!

So, if you have some time, and you fancy finding out a little more about my motorhome travels, please do head on over and check my guest post out - I hope you all enjoy reading it just as much as I did putting it together.

this little fella thanks you! 

Sunset over Lago di Mezzola, Italy

Sunset over Lago di Mezzola, Italy