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Write It Out: 1


Write about a favourite summer night from your childhood.

Those were the moments – when a soft smile settled on my face, and the rough pages that scuttled beneath my fingertips felt familiar, warm, and welcoming. When my mattress cushioned the inches of my body, moving to support the weight of my limbs as I sank further underneath the duvet, elbows anchored to the earth, wrists and hands akimbo, holding up the weight of the words sweat over by another.

Moments where another life fluttered underneath my not-yet-but-nearly-closed eyelids, when I was whisked away to high schools where I perched alongside fellow students, eating lunch, and laughing in unison, or streets where I (miraculously) cycled alongside school friends, lapping up our time spent out in the sun. Or those when a river appeared, a tyre swing tied above - when my arms felt strong as I pulled myself up onto the rope, looped myself through the dark, hot rubber, shifted my gaze upwards, and seized the sunbeams from between the leaves. Skin glistening, hair whipping wildly behind me.

Those were the moments – just me, my book, and a thousand possibilities. Summer, at any time. 

Something different

A few days ago, Kate posted the above prompt (submitted by Bethany) and shared her series 'Write It out', a new endeavour offering readers the opportunity "to explore our creative writing in a supportive and collaborative environment". Asking us to participate, I decided to throw caution to the wind (because as an adult I've never branched out into creative writing, and am not sure I'm entirely made for it!) and give it a go! I've tweaked the prompt a little - mainly because I have a truly dreadful memory, and thus have allowed myself to be more general in my response - but, hopefully, the words still fit the mould (if not a little askew!). 

If you fancy dipping your toes - and Kate's words offer you the perfect opportunity to do just that - then why not join in with this blog hop below?! If you end up doing so, be sure to leave a comment to let me know! 

London in the sun, and Blogcademy babes


Buckingham Palace

Buckingham Palace

A summing up. 

Excited to arrive into St Pancras, and make my way across to Green Park

Eager to head over to Buckingham Palace (for the first time in maybe 10 years) and to spend time photographing the Windsor’s home, alongside bucket-loads of tourists, under the blisteringly-hot sun

Green Park

Green Park

Grateful to Jess for spending her spare time with me, sat on the grass (watching me make a mess of myself whilst I ate a portobello mushroom and spinach muffin) in the shade in Green Park, chatting about all things bloggy

Panicked by my last-minute realisation that I’d have to catch a London overground, and not really knowing what that meant!

Happy to meet up with Natasha, and to get to know her better over a San Pelly Lemon for me, and something soya and coffee-ish (can you tell I don’t drink coffee?!) for her

Nervous at making our way over to The Roost, for The Blogcademy Mixer

My view (from a very comfy sofa) during Kat, Shauna, and Gala's Q&A

My view (from a very comfy sofa) during Kat, Shauna, and Gala's Q&A

Overwhelmed upon entering to see a floor length fuchsia gown (Gala), a shock of bright pink hair (Kat), and a beehive-d fluorescent yellow number (Shauna), all in one spot, only a handful of feet away! 

Delighted to see a good handful of familiar faces in the crowd (Megan, her husband Grant, Sophie, Jess (this time with curled hair!),  and Sarah)

Even more delighted by the free cocktail on offer (sorry guys!)

The audience! 

The audience! 

In awe of the beauty of my idols in the flesh

Overemotional thanks to sharing the room with three women who inspire me every single day

Teary eyed at my inability to go on over and say hello

Drunk on a cocktail and a mini glass of wine (or two....or maybe three)

Sweaty from black clothing, and London sunshine

Lots of colour! 

Lots of colour! 

Nervous (again) by the time gone without confidence to approach

Thankful to witness their wonderful Q&A (because, oh boy, that advice)

Lightheaded from the mixture of alcohol, nerves, happiness, and chatter

Elated by the push to, finally, say hello

Photoboothing with Megan, Kat, and Gala 

Photoboothing with Megan, Kat, and Gala 

Grateful for a particularly fishee-photobooth

Embarrassed by my blabbermouth (fanny)

Relieved that Erica and Charlotte pointed me in the right direction at the station!

Jazzed by the memories collected during a dream-come-true evening 

A good ol' fashioned ship lamp! 

A good ol' fashioned ship lamp! 


It made me feel like a teenager again. 

An uncomfortably-embarrassing oaf of a teenager, with clumsy feet, and a thick tongue.  

But a teenager, all the same. 

There aren't many times nowadays when I get that head-y buzz that used to accompany things like concert trips (because I wasn't a gig-er when I was a 'kid') to see the latest band or singer I adored. Sure, I still get nervous when doing something (or meeting someone) new, but it's normally that nervous-at-my-own-ability type of stuff. Yesterday's nerves? Whole different ball game. Those nerves fluttered around my heart, sat - heavily - in my throat, and froze me to the spot, every time they went by. That head-y buzz returned. 

Turns out, The Blogcademy babes are my new big should-know-better-but-couldn't-help-but-swoon-over crush.

And I met them. I really, bloody did. 

Thank you, Kat, Shuana, and Gala <3